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Saturday, 3 June 2006
Any Publicity is Good Publicity If You're On the D-List
Still bogged down in the narrative description work, still hoping to finish by Tuesday and start the first draft. I've been experiencing a little insecurity about the whole novelist thing today, what with my previous failed attempt. I had a great story with that one, and I just didn't write well enough to support that story. I've got a great idea for this one as well, and I'm doing all this pre-writing work, but it still doesn't guarantee an awesome finished project. But this too will pass, I'm PMSing and I always feel generally hopeless about things at this time. This is an awesome list of plotting problems to avoid in a novel.

Did job-hunting crap this morning- not much else I'm inspired to say about that.

I can imagine what a hassle false and slanderous press can be for A-list stars. They are a carefully crafted and controlled brand name, and anything negative can be potentially harmful for their brand. But when it comes to the D-listers, it would seem that any publicity is good publicity. These people will be in and out of the limelight every five years or so, for 15 minutes. Every now and then the tabloids will toss out stories about these people being strung out or dead. They freak out, and seek legal action, do press about it, jazz like that. All of a sudden we're interested (for a hot second) in someone we'd forgotten about (ie. Lark Voorhies) or never really knew existed (ie. Aishwarya Rai. Who is she? Why is she on the E sexiest people and the Maxim list? She's very pretty, in a fakey/fresh off the assembly line way, but the most beautiful woman in the world? Come on. Her website says she has millions and millions of fans...but the site does admit that most of those are in the rest o the world, not the U.S. because, like I said, we have no idea who she is over here, and don't care). When I get my best-selling author career off the ground, I welcome tabloid stories about alleged coke binges, and erroneous tragic death. Anything that gets people Googling me, and ultimately buying my books. I contend that, when these D-listers freak out about bad press, it's a colossal front: they are secretly thrilled with the publicity, and I betcha at LEAST half of them helped (behind the scenes) to get these stories out there. Period. The best example of this? The Paris Hilton sex tape coming out right before her show debuts. She went from a socialite that Everybody USA had never heard of and didn't give a rats ass about to a bonafide celebrity. Nice work, babe!

Posted by phoenix9227 at 1:12 PM EDT
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