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Friday, 2 June 2006
Descriptive Narrative, Jobs, and Female Mutilation
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I hope to be done with my descriptive narrative by Tuesday, June 6th. It will definitely be less than 50 pages, although I imagine Randy Ingermanson meant that count as a suggestion. Either way when I'm done, that's how many pages I'll have! Some chapters are just easier to plan than others. I'm sure that once I begin writing my first draft, the story will develop even further and the hazier chapters will become more concrete to me. At this stage in the Snowflake method, you make sure every scene has conflict. If there isn't any you add some, or scrub the whole scene. I've had to beef up some, and ruthlessly axe a few more. But as painful as that is, its worth it. I don't want a novel full of trite, useless padding. A smart reader can spot padding a mile away. I sure can!

Four or five times a week I sit down to do web research. If I don't need to do research on anything in particular for the novel I'm currently working on, I catch up on the news, read the blogs of a few favorite writers, and research how to be a better writer. The Internet is a treasure trove of helpful articles and websites. Today I came across this one, and I think it's quite informative about plot outlines. The article was written by a childrens author, but I think that most good writing techniques can be applied to any kind of writing. Hope someone finds it helpful!

It looks like I may be getting a part-time retail position here shortly. I'm not thrilled, I'd much rather have the time to spend on my novel. But the BF's financial situation took a drastic dive, and suffice it to say it is necessary for me to bring in some additional loot. Whatever, he'll have to realize that all the Betty Crocker like cooking and cake baking and whatnot I've been doing will decline drastically. I will put the time into the writing regardless. He may actually have to do some household chores (the horror)! And I will probably be less relaxed, and therefore less inclined to be frisky. He already complains about that, but oh, well. Hopefully he figures something out soon so things can go back to the way they used to be.

The female mutilation* is abominable. The men of these countries force the horrific procedure upon the women. They defend the heinous crime by insisting it is cultural and we don't understand. Bullshit! I understand that it's barbaric and undoubtedly insanely painful. If they gave those girls a choice, I imagine quite a few of them would be like, "Is that a serious question?" This is going on my list of Thing to Get Vocal About when I'm rich and famous, along with the rape epidemic in the Congo.

*I'm going to put a link to an article concerning female mutilation in the entry above.

Posted by phoenix9227 at 12:22 PM EDT
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